4 Prill, 2024

The Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Arbërie Nagavci, the ambassador of Germany in Kosova, Jörn Rohde, the director of DVV International for the Caucasus and Southeast Europe, Thomas Lichtenberg, the rector of UPUH, Mentor Alishani, the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Prizren, Kujtim Gashi, the Deputy Minister of MKRS, Sylejman Elshani inaugurated today the Center for Education and Education of Young and Adults (YALEC) in Prizren.

On the occasion of the inauguration of this Center, Minister Nagavci said that the establishment and opening of the first holistic Center for the education of young people and adults is an essential link in the wake of the great work being done in Kosova, based on the belief that we believe that lifelong learning is vital.

Minister Nagavci estimated that, with the German model and experience of folk schools, this Center will become an important link for the successful future of the Prizren region and beyond, strongly believing that this example will be followed by other municipalities.

Nagavci emphasized that lifelong learning is an inseparable part of the time we live in and in this context, we must adapt to the needs of the time and the labor market, learning something new every day, in order to remain relevant in professional circles. Among other things, Minister Nagavci has spoken about vocational education and adult education, as one of the Government’s priorities in the last 3 years, in line with pan-European initiatives in this direction.

In this regard, Nagavci announced that the Ministry of Education works within the legislative framework for adult education, as well as based on the National Development Strategy 2030, where Pillar II for human development includes: Access to quality education for all, and Inclusive and dignified employment for all.

Minister Nagavci also spoke about the actions that have been undertaken with the aim of improving adult education and lifelong education, such as: accreditation of educational institutions that offer adult education, accelerated courses for adult education, the drafting of training programs for teachers/instructors involved in adult education, accrediting two education and training institutions to offer qualification programs for VET career advisors and assistants for children with special needs, as well as empowering the National Qualifications Authority to accredit adult education programs offered by public and private institutions.

Minister Nagavci thanked the Government of Germany for the support and concrete contribution it continues to give to the development of the Kosovar economy and society, while she congratulated DVV International and the NGO Think Young for the hard work in establishing this Center.

Other participants of this important event for education in Prizren and Kosova also spoke about the importance of opening this Center in terms of lifelong education and the example it can set for other cities.

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