Prof. Dr. Arsim Bajrami Minister of Education, Science and Technology


Dr. Arsim Bajrami was born in Lipjan, on March 19, 1960. He completed law studies at the Law Faculty of University of Prishtina in 1983. In 1983 has completed with excellent success the jurisprudence exam and has received the graduated lawyer title. In 1985 has completed master studies at the Law Faculty, field of administrative-political in the University of Prishtina and has received the title Master of legal-constitutional sciences. In 1996 has completed PhD studies with topic "Normative aspect of independence of Kosova in the period 1945-1994" and was promoted to Doctor of Law. He is a regular professor at the Law Faculty of University of Prishtina and from 2012, he was elected correspondent member of the Kosova Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Dr. Arsim Bajrami began his career in 1984 as intern assistant at the Law Faculty of University of Prishtina for subjects "The constitutional Law" and "Political system". In 1987 was elected in the title of assistant at the Law Faculty, and in 1991 was authorized as lecturer, while in 1996 after completion of PhD is elected as docent. In 2000 is elected as associate professor, while in 2004 is elected in the last academic call, regular professor. At the Law Faculty in University of Prishtina he teaches subjects: The Constitutional Law, Legal and Political Thinking, while in postgraduate studies in subjects: Theory and Parliamentary Practice and Political System. Besides engagement at the University of Prishtina, Dr. Bajrami has served as lecturer also in the Political Science Department at the Philosophical Faculty of University of Prishtina, in State University of Tetova, in University of South-East Europe of Tetova, also as visiting professor at the Central Europe University (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary (1997), at the University of Calabria in Cosenza, Italy (1999), in Tirana University (2003), co-lecturer at the Arizona State University in USA (2003). Dr. Bajrami has published several books in the area of constitutional law and political science, and is author and co-author of several research and professional works on legal and political issues.

Dr. Arsim Bajrami has around 30 years of academic and leading experience, as a professor and author of university texts. During 1990-1996, in collaboration with colleagues has established and served as a member of Independent Association of Kosova Lawyers. During 1994-2000 was chief editor of the magazine "Vjetari", publication of Independent Association of Kosova Lawyers, during 1999/2003 was member of the magazine's editorial board "Kosova Law Review". In period 1996-1998 and 1999/2000 was member of Prishtina University Senate. Dr. Bajrami was an active promoter on academic issues of University of Prishtina, while in 2005 has served as Rector of University of Prishtina. Dr. Bajrami is an active participant in many academic conferences.

Besides academic commitments, Dr. Arsim Bajrami has contributed professionally in various activities in the professional legal and political area. In 1990 has contributed in the work group on drafting the Constitution of Republic of Kosova, and in 1998 is engaged as external expert on drafting the Constitution of Republic of Albania. In its capacity as a legal expert has been engaged a member of the Kosova delegation in the Rambouillet Conference in France (1999), and has served as a legal expert at the Vienna negotiations between Kosova and Serbia (2005-2007). Dr. Bajrami is one among drafters of the Constitution of Republic of Kosova in 2008, and co-chair of the working group for the establishment of the Kosova Constitutional Court. From 2011 has led the constitutional reform process, at the expiration of the international supervision of independence of the Republic of Kosova. Dr. Bajrami has served 14 years as Member of Parliament of the Republic of Kosova, being elected to five legislative mandates (2001-2014). During 2007-2010 was engaged as minister of Public Administration in the Government of Republic of Kosova. He is founder and vice chairman of the Kosova Democratic Party. 

Mr. Arsim Bajrami is honoured with different awards, including in particular: Distinguished Student award from University of Prishtina, Award of honour for his special contribution at the University of Prishtina during 2001-2005, award of honour for his interuniversity contribution from La Rouché College in 2004, and Award for Justice "Heroi Sali Çekaj" in 2013.

Mr. Bajrami lives in Prishtina, is married and has three children. Speaks fluently Serbian language and has solid knowledge of English language.