National Qualifications Authority


National Qualifications Authority is an independent public body, in accordance with National Qualifications Law in Kosovo. NQA was established by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), and will act in agreement with the Office of the Prime Minister and other relevant ministries.
The NQA Governing Board consists of 13 members, representing ministries, organizations, social partners and universities.

An essential component of the National Qualification System in Kosovo will be the National Qualifications Authority. His responsibility will be oversight of national qualifications along with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Agency for Accreditation and other professional bodies, approved for this purpose with the government decision, In particular, will be responsible for professional qualifications.
NQA will:
- define the types and levels of certificates and diplomas, which will be included in NQF
- approve the proposed qualifications for inclusion in the NQF (approve standards arrangements, assessment and certification, for each qualification in NQF)
- accredit and monitor assessment bodies
- withdraw the accreditation from irresponsibility bodies irresponsibility, if necessary
- conduct external quality assurance, leading to the award of qualifications at
- handle complaints / appeals by candidates regarding controversial decisions of assessment
- approve the certificates and diplomas issued to qualifications in the NQF
- maintain database and verifiable documentary evidence of qualifications in the NQF, certificates and diplomas awarded
All qualifications in the NQF must have clear results that will be subject for evaluation and quality ensured. Different institutions/providers may submit them qualifications for inclusion in the framework, while the National Qualifications Authority, will decide which qualifications can be entered on the National Qualifications Framework.
NQA also will accredit institutions for evaluation and issuance of certificates for qualifications in the NQF.

The NQA’s mission is to oversee and develop the National Qualifications Framework in the context of lifelong learning in partnership with the student / candidate, employer and provider of Vocational Education and Training at all levels and in compliance with demand needs of society and economy.
The NQA’s vision is to create a quality, reliable and transparent national qualifications system in order to increase the opportunities for national and international mobility.
NQA makes possible:
- Recognition and identification of national and international qualifications
- Wider participation in lifelong learning
- Greater flexibility in the delivery of education and training
- Recognition of work-based learning
- Improved progress for the individual, through recognition of prior learning and credit transfer
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