January 12, 2024

The Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Arbërie Nagavci, participated in the closing ceremony of the QATEK Project, which aims at the professional development of young teachers and the development of a culture of quality in institutions that prepare teachers.

On this occasion, Minister Nagavci said that the QATEK Project is the result of the fruitful cooperation between the University of Prishtina, Gjilan, Gjakova and Mitrovica, with the Lumsa University in Rome, the University of Ljubljana and the University of Tallinn, making the cooperation broad, productive, with great opportunities to exchange experiences and knowledge.

Minister Nagavci announced that MESTI focuses on improving the quality of education in all its links, both among teachers and in the content of textbooks, and all aspects of schooling and education in Kosova.

Among other things, Nagavci mentioned some of the actions that have been undertaken, from the preschool level to lifelong professional development, through which the objectives for improving quality are aimed at, including legislation, infrastructure, innovation, etc.

According to Minister Nagavci, all the processes that have been started and those that have already been completed have a single goal, the improvement of the quality of teaching and learning in our schools..

In the end, Nagavci congratulated the implementers of the Project, which started work in 2020, one of the most challenging periods in the lives of all the inhabitants of the globe, while she thanked the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union, as our most powerful partner in continuity provides support in almost all aspects of our education system.

The rector of the UP, Qerim Qerimi, also spoke about the importance of the QATEK Project, who said that the importance of the Project is multifaceted and one of them is the development of internal quality mechanisms, creating European quality assurance practices, and which is one of our common aspirations.

The Project Towards a Quality-Oriented Beginning Teacher to Increase the Professionalism of Teachers in Kosovo (QATEK), aims to introduce mechanisms for quality assurance in higher education institutions in Kosovo, to implement internal quality assurance practices, which lead to raising the quality of graduates and school reform.

Last modified: January 12, 2024

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