January 12, 2024

The Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Arbërie Nagavci, today visited the “Abdullah Krashnica- Presheva” elementary school in Koretin, Kamenica, where the “strip comic” book entitled “Air Guardian” was promoted. by the authors Ana Krasniqi and Edvin Susuri, while closely watching the progress of the works on the construction of the nursery school and the sports gym, which are close to completion.

On this occasion, Minister Nagavci said that it is a pleasure to be found in this educational institution which educates the younger generations, while adding that the Ministry of Education is dedicated and focuses on improving the quality of education.

Minister Nagavci emphasized that this school was chosen to conduct this visit and to see that even in schools that are far from the center, an extraordinary work is done by the school staff and students, in terms of protecting the environment and raising social awareness. for the importance of this issue.

Nagavci has encouraged the authors, Ana and Edvini, to continue their creative work with new books and characters, always serving important causes, while inviting teachers and other school staff to address all their requests , for the highest quality development of the learning process.

The Ambassador of Sweden in Kosova, Jonas Westerlund, said that his country is committed to protecting the environment, while he expressed his surprise at the good work that has been done in this school in terms of environmental protection.

The mayor of the municipality of Kamenica, Kadri Rrahimaj, also spoke about the importance of raising social awareness regarding environmental protection. He congratulated the authors for the creative work in making the book.

Meanwhile, the authors Ana and Edvini expressed their happiness that they were part of this project, while for the book they said that they expect it to serve the citizens in raising awareness of environmental protection.

The promotion of the “strip comic” book entitled “Air Guardian” by the authors Ana Krasniqi and Edvin Susuri has been supported by the Ministry of Education and the Embassy of Sweden in Kosova.

The sports gym in Koretin is an investment of the Ministry of Education in the amount of over 300 thousand euros, while the construction of the nursery, which is also an investment of MAShTI, reaches the value of over 700 thousand euros.

Last modified: January 12, 2024

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