Was inaugurated the new facility of the Secondary High School of Medicine “Dr. Xheladin Deda” in Mitrovica

September 28, 2016

Chairman of the Assembly of Kosova, Mr. Kadri Veseli and Minister of Education Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami inaugurated the new facility of the Secondary High School of Medicine “Xheladin Deda” in Mitrovica.

Minister Bajrami, on this occasion stressed the importance of building new school facilities for students, but also for teachers and community. “There is no better moment than take part in the inauguration of such a beautiful school, to enable students a better education, a qualitative education”, was expressed the Minister.    
Minister Bajrami stressed that we are all proud with this school, from which have emerged distinguished individuals and intellectuals that have given precious contribution even in harsh times of Kosova’s state building.  

“As teachers we must work that this school with tradition to prepare excellent students and become leader in Kosova, in terms of quality and cadre preparation”, said Minister Bajrami. 

Ongoing, Minister Bajrami said that today we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the school, but in a new and modern facility. “However, construction of a school is only half of the work and the rest remains to us and teachers, in order to be engaged to the utmost to offer our students a modern education, a qualitative education”, said Minister Bajrami. 

Chairman Veseli was expressed happy for the construction of this school, because stressed that this school is being inaugurated, which for years has not had proper location. “Better conditions are being created, so you dear students, be prepared and to serve our people’s health, to serve your country, to become capable and respected doctors by all, as it’s your sacred profession”. 

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