Was inaugurated the new facility of Primary and Low Secondary School “Deshmoret e Tivarit” (Tivar’s Martyrs) in Sllapuzhan of Suhareka

September 30, 2016

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami has inaugurated today the new facility of primary and low secondary school “Tivar’s martyrs”, in village Sllapuzhan of Suhareka. In this ceremony, present were also the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Enver Hoxhaj and representatives of local government.

Minister Bajrami after congratulating students, teachers and parents for building of new school, stressed that investment in improvement of the school infrastructure contributes to advanced teaching and education of new generations, prepared for the country’s development. 

Minister Bajrami said that government of Kosova, respectively Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is committed to provide modern facilities for our students, in order to provide them contemporary education. 

“Construction of school infrastructure is a necessary condition for us to build a positive and qualitative education. But this is only half of the work, the other half of the work we, teachers have to make by approaching students with lot of love, by providing qualitative education and upbringing, to create new generations, which tomorrow will contribute to the advancement of Kosova and its economic development”, said Minister Bajrami.  

While, Minister Hoxhaj said that process of the European integrations, above all depends from the education system which we build, while thanked the central and local government for investment that are making in improvement of conditions for teaching and learning in the Municipality of Suhareka.  
Otherwise, school facility has gross surface 2100 m2, including green part and sport field. The construction cost of the facility is over 500 thousand EUR, while inventory 28,000.00 €.

The facility contains these spaces: 9 teaching rooms for primary students, 1 teaching room for pre-primary students, library, 2 cabinets of Teachers, Teachers Hall. Directorate of Primary Education, Directorate of lower secondary education, Secretariat, Archives and warehouses

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