Minister Bajrami took part in marking the International Teacher’s Day

October 5, 2016

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami has participated in the conference “By valuing teachers, we improve their status”, which is organized from JUESC, to honour the International Teacher’s Day.

On behalf of the Government of the Republic of Kosova and the Ministry of Education, Minister Bajrami congratulated teachers of Kosova on this day, which appraised as a very important event also for the overall awareness on the role that the education sector has, in particular manner teachers, in contemporary trends. 

“There is no doubt that care toward teachers is care toward families, toward society and toward state, because there is nothing more sacred for a state than to invest in the education sector and to teachers, who have a multidimensional role; to educate youth, to enable construction of personality and to mark progresses in the education sector”, said Minister Bajrami.   
Minister Bajrami also mentioned the great contribution of JUESC founders and of teachers in difficult times for the country. “Precisely the education sector was the most important sector where we showed the willingness of survival”. 

Speaking about the care that institutions and society must have in general towards teachers, Minister Bajrami said that is being worked in the new collective contract, while said that main engagement of these days will be finalization of the Law for teachers of the 90s.  

While, chairman of the Parliamentary commission for education, Mr. Nait Hasani, stressed that it took a long time, and sacrifice to come to the day to have a good education. “But, we still need to work more in quality increase, because only like this we can have a more developed state”. 

Chairman of JUESC, Mr. Rrahman Jashari has greeted all teachers on the occasion of the International Teacher’s Day and has thanked all teachers that even in the most difficult years gave what they could to keeping alive the Albanian education. 

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