Was held the conference “The referencing of the National Qualification Framework against the European Qualification Framework”

November 7, 2016

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami took part in the Conference “The referencing of the National Qualification Framework against the European Qualifications Framework”, organized from the National Qualifications Authority”, with support of the European Training Foundation.

Minister Bajrami, on this occasion has assessed as important the discussion regarding the suitability of the process of the National Qualification Framework with the European Qualifications Framework, a topic which is related to the process of European integration
Minister Bajrami stressed that the National Qualification Framework presents a clear platform of vocational education standard increase and compatibility of this national platform with the European Qualification Framework, in order to ensure mobility of our students in European countries.

“This process is very important and necessarily raises the quality standards of education in Kosova and will make orientation of our youth towards vocational education and labour market needs”, stressed Minister Bajrami. 

 Minister Bajrami said that MEST has consistently supported the referencing process of NQF with the European Qualification Framework, as a process which will enable the Agency to do monitoring and external evaluation of the quality and the quality of school curricula and setting the qualification standards.

Thomas Noki, representatives of the European Commission, stressed that accreditation of bearers verifies professional standards of education and training. Noki said that the European Qualification Framework is a reference to compare the level of qualifications and to promote lifelong education, and to adapt labor market with the European.

The conference was also attended by Mr. Arban Abrashi, Minister of Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and z. Safet Gërxhaliu, President of Kosova Chamber of Commerce. 

National Qualification Framework was drafted in 2011, based on the criteria of the European Qualification Framework.

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