Ministry of Education allocates scholarships for students of specialized mathematics gymnasium

October 28, 2016

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami, visited the Mathematical Gymnasium in Prishtina where to students of this gymnasium communicated the decision on to the allocation of 113 scholarships, ie for all students of this school.

According to this decision, which the Minister Bajrami has handed solemnly to class presidents, the Ministry of Education to all students will allocate state scholarships of 50 euros per month for the entire school year. The Ministry also will enable to all students of this gymnasium be fed in the student canteen in Pristina.

Minister Bajrami, on this occasion, stressed once again the support of the Government of Kosova, namely the Ministry of Education for students of deficit fields and their financial stimulation, particularly for students who choose these directions at university level.

“I am here to ensure that you will have the full support of the Government of Kosova and my own. You are the hope of Kosova, because you have chosen to continue your education in a very important gymnasium, which I will call gymnasium of excellence and of innovative people. Today, I came to meet you and to communicate to you the decision I have taken and I assure you that this gymnasium will be an elite school, not only in Kosova but also in the region. So, if you choose to study mathematics you will have full support of the Government of Kosova and the Ministry of Education”, said Minister Bajrami. 

Minister Bajrami has highly praised the work of teachers of this school in preparing new staff in the field of mathematics and the extraction of new talents.   

Last modified: September 7, 2022

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