Deputy Minister Statovci-Demaj is taking part in the Workshop of the Program for Economic Reformation in Beograd

October 21, 2016

Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mrs. Anila Statovci- Demaj, at the invitation of the organizer, Regional Cooperation Council based in Sarajevo and with support of the Program for Economic Reformation of the European Union, is taking part in the workshop on structural policy priorities for technology and innovation, which is being held in Beograd.

In this forum are taking part all states of the Western Balkans, as well as Turkey.  

Main objective of this forum is to provide opportunities for these countries in order to be trained for fulfilment of EU standards that are related to research, technology and innovation, in order to impact directly on economic growth during their journey towards integration into the European Union.

Kosova has made its presentation, just as all other participating states with the purpose of obtaining necessary joint lessons for successful fulfilment of standards in this important area for the development of economic competitiveness and the commercialization of innovative and scientific results.

By sharing experiences in the region, same weaknesses are exceeded but also successful models are replicated. Together with Deputy Minister Statovci-Demaj in Beograd is 

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