February 22, 2024

The Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Arbërie Nagavaci, together with the Deputy Minister, Taulant Kelmendi and the Chief of Staff, Muhedin Nushi, visited the University “Isa Boletini” in Mitrovica today, where they were hosted by the Acting Rector, Nurtene Deva, the Steering Council of the University, the secretary of UMIB and the deans of the faculties.

On this occasion, Minister Nagavci emphasized that this meeting is held in the wake of the visits to the public universities of Kosova, to discuss the progress of the processes, the work and the challenges they face, but above all to listen to the recommendations or their proposals, which serve in the drafting of educational policies.

Minister Nagavci also spoke about the work that has been done in the finalization of the legislation, which regulates the functioning of the higher education system, the Strategic Education Plan 2022-26, which shows the state orientations in relation to higher education, as well as the approval of the Guide for performance-based funding of public universities.

Minister Nagavci said that an intensive work has been done in relation to the profiling of regional universities, with the aim of overcoming the problems that have been identified and improving the quality of the programs offered by these universities. Among other things, she said that she welcomes cooperation with regional universities, with the aim of providing full support for programs that are of state interest and for the profiles required by the labor market.

Acting Rector of the University “Isa Boletini” in Mitrovica, Nurtene Deva, thanked the minister for the visit, while she appreciated the contribution of all those who founded and established this University.

Last modified: February 29, 2024

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