June 1, 2023

Early childhood education is among the most important priorities of the Kurti Government and in the framework of fulfilling our commitment, we have opened the tender for the construction of 4 more nurseries in Deçan, Viti, Milloshevë-Obiliq and in Prizren. This is what the Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Arbërie Nagavci, said at the media conference, where she spoke about the latest activities and achievements in education.

The Minister emphasized that the Ministry will continue with the implementation of the plan for the construction of new nurseries and kindergartens and has invited the municipalities for cooperation in identifying spaces for the construction of new nurseries. Minister Nagavci also spoke about the decision to allocate 70 scholarships in the value of 500 euros per student in Education and Vocational Training Institutions in deficit courses and scholarships for girls in technical courses.

Also, Minister Nagavci mentioned the certification of the first 15 career counselors of level 5, where she invited the municipalities to identify the needs for career counselors and to include teachers who have a lack of hours and who express their will to be retrained in this program.

Minister Nagavci also spoke about the legal package for the teacher licensing system, which was presented at the beginning of this month, as well as the innovations brought by these Guidelines, which will be in public discussion until June 7, 2023. As for the European Report on Kosova, Minister Nagavci said that this Report has evidenced successes and positive messages for Kosova, including in the field of education, where the launch of the Education Strategy 2022-2026, the allocation of scholarships for students of STEM fields was welcomed, the latest agreements within the Berlin Process for the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications and for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications for doctors, dentists and architects.

Minister Nagavci also spoke about the launch of the joint program with the Ministry of Culture “Art in schools”, as well as the construction and inauguration of the “Bajram Curri” school, in Krushë i Madhe, Rahovec, worth 1,471,538.31 euros. The minister also emphasized the importance of cooperation with parents in order to improve the quality of education and on this occasion, invited the municipalities and schools to respect all the procedures provided by the AI.

In the end, the minister also spoke about the calls for scientific projects, where, among other things, she mentioned that in the last call we received a total of 25 applications, while the call for joint research, technical-scientific projects continues to be open until June 25, 2023. Albania and Kosova.

Last modified: June 1, 2023

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