January 30, 2024

The Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Arbërie Nagavci, with colleagues and officials of MAShTI, have hosted at a meeting the Advisor for Public Relations at the American Embassy, Jannifer Lawson, and the members of the Educational Exchange Board USA-Kosova (USKEB-United States Kosovo Educational Exchange Board), with whom they discussed the implementation of the agreement with the American Embassy-Fulbright Program, which ranks Kosovo in the first place in the world for the amount of co-financing per capita.

On this occasion, Minister Nagavci said that Kosova and the American Embassy have a long-term cooperation in the field of education, while she thanked Mrs. Lawson for the great American support in higher education, since this field is one of the Government’s priorities and is listed as the fourth objective in the Education Strategy 2022-2026.

Minister Nagavci expressed her happiness that through the Fulbright program students have been given the opportunity to study in prestigious American institutions and for the progress of the implementation of the Program up to this stage.

The Advisor for Public Relations at the American Embassy, Jannifer Lawson, thanked Minister Nagavci for welcoming her to the meeting, while she appreciated her willingness to cooperate, especially regarding the implementation of the Fulbright Program.

She said that the supervisors of the implementation of the Program are seeing as a successful model the establishment of the Board, the first of its kind, which is showing good results in practice.

Lawson expressed her willingness to continue this dynamic of cooperation, saying that this is a wonderful manifestation to show the partnership between the two countries, while she also spoke about the organization of a training in European countries which will be held in April, which he said that Kosova will also join. The Fulbright Program for Kosovo, according to the agreement reached between MESTI and the American Embassy (2021-2025/2026), within its implementation, it also foreseen the establishment of the USA-Kosova Educational Exchange Board (USKEB-United States Kosovo Educational Exchange Board), which is contributing positively to the advancement of the binational contribution and the successful implementation of the exchange programs between Kosova and the USA.

The board advises and assists in the prioritization of resources and exchange programs in higher education between the USA and Kosova. The board as a unique structure is the only one of its kind in the world and operates on a voluntary basis with representation from academia, civil society, alumni, the American Embassy and the Ministry of Education. USKEB as a new ethnicity has now awakened the interest of other countries to take Kosovo as a model.

Within this cooperation program between MESTI and the American Embassy, more than 40 citizens benefit on an annual basis through academic exchanges from Kosova to the USA and vice versa. This is very important for the promotion of Kosovo in the field of educational diplomacy, in many countries of the world.

Last modified: January 30, 2024

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