Minister Bytyqi attended the roundtable on the topic “Priorities in the Pre-University Education”

June 19, 2018

The Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Shyqyri Bytyqi participated in the round table on “Priorities in the field of pre-university education”, initiated by MEST and GIZ as the leader of the campaign “For A Better Education in Kosova” and organized by the Parliamentary Education Committee.

This round table was intended to provide space for MEST and support partners of the campaign in order to express concerns and suggestions needed, how the education condition can be improved and it also intends strong advocacy in the Assembly and Government of Kosova, in order that education to become as the first country-level priority.

Minister Bytyqi on this occasion stressed that only the joint commitment of all structures and all actors that have an impact on education can create conditions for a quality education and proper education that our country needs.

Minister Bytyqi said that the Ministry of Education together with the development partners is engaging in maximum to implement the KESP 2017/2021, where within this strategy are foreseen the changes that lead to what the education system in Kosova needs.

 “In the discussions of MEST with GIZ are identified the key short-term priorities that can be undertaken in order to begin with changes in the education system. Five key priorities have been identified, despite the fact that KESP 2017/2021 envisages seven key areas. But due to budgetary inability we should focus on the main priorities that would directly affect in change of the quality within the education system in Kosova”, said Minister Bytyqi.

As a first priority, which is also foreseen within the KESP, Minister Bytyqi said that licensing is based on performance where within this field from September of this year will begin measuring the performance of teachers. Part of the first priority is also the teachers training, one-year practice before signing a permanent employment contract and the career development.

The second priority, which was also issued by the KESP, is the drafting of new texts according to international standards and in this regard the minister said that a positive step has been made by announcing public call for drafters of the textbooks for the first part, while the second part will be announced at the end of July so that by the academic year 2019/2020 new textbooks for all levels will be ready for use.

Minister Bytyqi stressed the need for additional budget regarding the payment of reviewers and experts until the finalization of new texts.

A third priority is the issue of inclusion in pre-school education, respectively increasing the level of inclusion at level 0-5, as well as parents’ awareness for the importance of education 0-2 years.

The fourth priority is the school management system, whereby it was emphasized that the role of parents should be strengthened.

The fifth priority is the integrated planning of the Kosova Education Strategic Plan 2017/2021, for which Minister Bytyqi said that there are not enough funds for complete realization and that for this, according to the calculations, more than 10 million euros are needed.

While Boris Scharlovski (GIZ) among others said that education is an obligation for everyone and everyone should work with dedication. According to him, no one should feel himself behind this process. While, he stressed that it is very important to focus on the implementation of KESP 2017/2021.

In the end, participants in the discussion stated that MEST will have full support for the realization of KESP and other education policies in order to improve the education quality.

Last modified: September 8, 2022

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