MEST presented the Functional Review Report

May 2, 2018

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) presented the Functional Review Report of MEST, which was done with the support of the European Union.

Minister of Education, Shyqiri Bytyqi thanked the European Union and other international partners for drafting this professional report with findings and recommendations and expressed readiness for full cooperation until its realization.

Minister Bytyqi on this occasion said that since the beginning of his mandate as Minister of Education is engaged in the realization of this report, which foresees public administration reform and will engage that within a short period of time eliminating the weaknesses found in the functioning of the Ministry.

Minister Bytyqi said that all the findings of the report have a specific weight and require the adoption of appropriate measures and in the report are given recommendations on how to approach these findings. 

“At the first meeting we had with Mrs. Apostolova, whom I want to thank for the cooperation, we have agreed to carry out the functional review of the Ministry of Education to see the weaknesses that may be in the functioning of this so important ministry, given that the Ministry of Education plays an important role in our main priority, upbringing and education of young people”, said the Minister.

Minister Bytyqi also said that this is a positive step and after taking the first steps towards the realization of these goals coming out of the report, we will see a different functioning of the Ministry of Education and we will see that each Ministry official will have much clearer tasks and responsibilities about their work.

EU Special Representative, Natalia Apostolova, assessed as important the presentation of the report for Kosova, as the EU sees education among the priority sectors.

Apostolova said that improving education is the most sustainable way to improve unemployment.

“The review identifies the current gaps and delays that you will notice in policy making. The report has a concrete plan on how to address the existing challenges in MEST”, said Apostolova.

The importance of the Functional Review Report of the Ministry of Education was also spoken by Adviser to Prime Minister, Besnik Tahiri, who said that the undertaking concrete measures in the implementation of the recommendations is extremely important in the realization of the public administration reform. Meanwhile, Mark Barrett, representative of GIZ in Kosova, has presented the findings and recommendations of the report.

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