Minister Bajrami talked with municipality leaders and school leaders on State Matura

June 2, 2015

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami, met today with Municipality Mayors, municipal education directors and higher secondary school principals of Kosova, with whom has discussed for administration of State Matura Exam, first part of which will be held on June 6 and second part on June 20, 2015 (first period).

On this occasion, minister Bajrami said that State Matura presents an examination of the maturity of our students and requires for all to be committed that this process to pass with a good administration and provide a professional, independent assessment of the students’ success. “We are sure that we have made the necessary preparations and we are willing to act as a team, so that this process be developed as good as possible and be derived a realistic result”.

Now, stressed the minister, the main day is approaching for our graduates, Saturday day, when we should undergo the ethics exam, code of conduct, exam of our maturity as state, to organize a test for 33 thousand graduates, who have a historical day, because in that day will take an important decision for their career: or will be oriented toward professional education and rapid employment, or be directed to universities toward the academic career.

Therefore, minister Bajrami, demanded from municipality mayors and directors of MED to avoid any impact tendency of Matura Exam. “We do not do any good service to our students if we give them undeserved result”, he was expressed, while said that beside students, even their families want to know the realistic results.

Minister Bajrami was expressed certain that the result from this test will be satisfactory from what he’s seen while visiting many schools. He stressed that the Test will enable to see the real education condition and ensured the participants that he will reflect as minister towards the results Matura results with policy politics.

By inviting all stakeholders to realize this evaluation process with international standards, minister Bajrami thanked those also for their work on the progress of the International Test PISA and the Achievement Test.

The Matura test this year is being held in close environments, in classrooms, by separating parallels up to 15 students. It will be administered from 2500 administrators and 500 supervisors, and there will be a monitor for every 5 administrators.

There will be totally 250 testing centres, chairmen of which will be from MEST and public universities. The environment’s safety will be ensured by the Kosova Police.

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