Minister Bajrami held the year-end conference with journalists

December 27, 2016

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami at year-end press conference revealed the achievements and challenges in education, in preschool, pre-university level and higher education, as well as in science, while has emphasized that improvement of quality remains the main priority of the Ministry of Education.

Minister Bajrami emphasized that, in terms of pre-primary education is worked on the design of new curricula, the number of students involved in this level of education is increased, are licensed more than 60 private gardens, are trained educators and gardens are equipped with necessary tools.

Speaking about the achievements in pre-university education, Minister Bajrami has mentioned 5 main pillars: the adoption of the National Strategy on Quality Increase, completion of the new curriculum piloting and its expansion in national level, the revision of textbooks, where are avoided irregularities in 86 texts, adoption of the Strategic Plan for the Development of Education 2017- 2021 (a document prepared by local and international experts and supported by European partners), the construction of professional development framework for teachers and the establishment of the principle of performance. 

While from the achievements and challenges that have accompanied higher education in 2016, Minister Bajrami has mentioned the establishment of stability, quality and competitiveness in the HE, including private colleges, establishment of the Rectors’ Conference as the regulatory body, setting high standards of programs accreditation and the closure of 71 programs in public universities and private colleges. 

Given that HE is a level of education that brings staff for economy and industry, Minister Bajrami emphasized that the new funding scheme in HE will be based on the principle of performance, while adding that the international connection is worked in higher education, where in 2016 were allocated scholarships for studies in international universities are forged new partnerships within the Fullbright Project, are allocated scholarships (CEPUS, TLP, the Hungarian Government, the Universities of Sheffield). 170 scholarships are allocated for elite students of public higher education institutions and 60 scholarships for the community students 

It adopted the Law on Regulated Professions, where students after graduation should give the state test of the profession and has continued with new policies regarding the students’ admission.

Regarding the scientific research activity, Minister Bajrami emphasized that MEST has continued with the allocation of grants for scientific projects by supporting universities and students, meanwhile he said that the European Union fund has created the possibility for Kosova to benefit from the European funds in projects Erasmus +, Horizon 2020 and other projects.

Minister Bajrami spoke about the PISA test, which said it has been his request immediately after receiving the mandate, in order to have a real measure regarding the quality of education. He said that these two years is worked hard and this work has already arrived in schools. The Minister was expressed certain that the next evaluation will mark a progress of increasing the quality. PISA 2018, said the Minister, will mark the quality increase, and this will be proven with this evaluation. 


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