Minister Bajrami attended the Fourth Conference of Ambassadors in 2016

December 22, 2016

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami, attended the “Fourth Conference of Ambassadors in 2016” of Kosova, accredited in different countries of the world, in which among others was discussed about the Strategic Partnership Kosova – Albania in various sectors which was held in Prishtina.

Minister Bajrami, initially stressed the importance of cooperation between Kosova and Albania in the development of Pre-university education, in which occasion said that now we have ABC-book and the Common Curriculum, which is applicable in both countries and that provides opportunities for a quality education based on competencies and skills. While, said that reflection we have had in education for two decades with the outcome of the PISA assessment, has made that in Kosova now we have a national and state awareness of the need for a national consensus for change in education.  

Ongoing, Minister Bajrami said that “from the experience of the two countries we have come to the conclusion that the best way to build a quality education is through professional prepared teachers”, but stressed the need for continuous assessment of performance and accountability. 

Regarding textbooks, Minister Bajrami said that we are working to have textbooks (of natural sciences) with unique international standards, for which we are in contact with various countries in order to we have such texts, while for subjects history, geography and mother tongue we will use the texts of our authors.

Minister Bajrami part of a speech has devoted to cooperation in the field of higher education, on which occasion emphasized the need for mutual cooperation of universities and students. 

As for the cooperation in the field of recognition of diplomas, Minister Bajrami said that this is already happening, but added that the National Qualifications Authority of Kosova is now accepted in the European Qualifications Authority, and this will enable that our young graduate people to be equal competitors in the labour market.

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