Minister Bajrami and Minister Nikolla discuss on mutual recognition of diplomas of Higher Private Education

February 9, 2016

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami is meeting in Tirana with Minister of Education and Sport of Albania, Mrs. Lindita Nikolla, with who discussed for substantial aspects of the administrative instruction regarding with mutual recognition of diplomas for students, who complete their studies in private higher education institutions in Kosova and Albania.   

Minister Bajrami on this occasion has highly assessed interministerial cooperation, regarding the issue of diploma recognition, process which is concretized also with adjustment of legislative side.

“Ministry of Education of Kosova is at the end of process and soon will adopt administrative instruction for diploma recognition for Kosovar students, which complete studies in private higher education institutions in Albania”, has stressed Minister Bajrami.

While, Minister of Education of Albania, Mrs. Nikolla said that with Minister Bajrami is developed a constructive process of discussions, in the path of cooperation and work coordination, so that Albania and Kosova to be together in the road of higher education integration in European space.  

“We are together to enable in a very short time the process of diploma recognition, by providing not only safety in verification of each diploma that is issued from our institutions of higher education, but also clarifying the situation for those 18 private institutions that were closed”, has said Minister Nikolla.

Minister of Education of Kosova and that of Albania besides the recognition of diploma process, are continuing cooperation even in the joint curriculum issues, school textbooks and other issues dealing with education.  

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