MEST organized central traditional event of the “Feast of ABC-book”

May 17, 2016

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami took part today at the central event of the “Feast of ABC-book”, which this year was held in Gjilan. In this event are taking part with their programs, primary school pupils of ten schools from different regions of Kosova, school “Ali Podrimja” of Bajram Curri city of Albania, and school “Ibrahim Kelmendi” from the Presheva Valley.

This nationwide feast is marked at the time when students have learned to read and write and finally have opened the paths of knowledge.

Minister Bajrami congratulating primary school pupils and teachers on this marked day said that, we are celebrating together a historical event, which makes us proud of the way we have passed.

“How proud we are that today we are celebrating with primary school pupils of Presheva and Albania, we are aware for the importance that has not only ABC-book but also a qualitative education. We have achieved that through ABC-Book, Albanian school, to maintain hope for a safe future of our people, for an education, emancipation and unstoppable path towards European integrations”, has said Minister Bajrami. 

Minister Bajrami also spoke about the work and sacrifice of our teachers in different periods, by highly appreciating their contribution to the upbringing and education of all generations.

“Today we must remember all the teachers, who with lot of efforts and sacrifices have continued to educate generations over the years. Today we mark the fifth anniversary of the Joint ABC-Book, but we must work that our young people coming from Albania, Presheva and Montenegro, to provide them a national education. We must work that alongside the national education to create a European education”, was expressed Minister Bajrami. 

“Feast of ABC-book” as traditional event has started to be marked since 2009 and has a nationwide character, where besides representatives from the seven regions attended by representatives from Albania, Macedonia and the Presheva Valley.

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