The annual conference “Science Week 2016” began the proceedings

May 10, 2016

The three-day national conference “Science Week 2016” has begun the proceedings, where are participating scientists of different fields from the country and the region, who present their scientific contributions in the promotion of science in the Republic of Kosova. This already traditional conference, which is organized by MEST, is a good opportunity to open thematic debates that are interrelated with new achievements and thus to promote scientific researches.

Beginnings of the solemn opening proceedings of this conference, has honoured with his presence the President of the Republic of Kosova, Mr. Hashim Thaqi, who simultaneously held the opening speech. 

President Thaqi, among others stressed that Kosova has zealous scientists, who with their scientific research work will achieve distinguished successes and will make possible the pavement of a clear development perspective for the Republic of Kosova and in this regard he expressed its willingness for the overall institutional commitment to the development of science and innovation in Kosova.  
“You honourable scientists will determine not only the present, but will clearly define where Kosova will be after a period of twenty years and longer”, was expressed President Thaqi. 

Meanwhile, Minister Bajrami highly appreciated the importance of this conference, which is aimed at introducing Kosova’s achievements in science, while added that the presence of the President shows the commitment of the Republic of Kosova, to invest in the development and promotion of science and young talents.

Minister Bajrami said that research and scientific research are an important element of the development and progress of each country and that investment in this area are investments in the future, meanwhile spoke about the objectives of the Government of Kosova in this field.

“The first objective the Government of Kosova is to stimulate researchers by allocating funds. The second objective is that science to be made by universities, institutes and research centres, by reviving research work at each university, and the third objective is the involvement of our researchers in EU projects, notably in Horizon 2020 project”, stressed Minister Bajrami. 

Chairwoman of the Scientific Council of MEST, Myzafere Limani, said that National Science Programme addresses the challenges faced by science and researchers in our country. In her speech, among other things, Mrs. Limani said that unlike other years when the number of works was significantly higher, this year we have less, but this is thanks to the improved quality of the selection criteria. 

Otherwise, about 140 scientific works from the fields of linguistics, culture, technology, medicine, education, energy and the environment, history, economy, agriculture, food safety will be presented in three days as far as will last the “Science Week 2016”.    

The works that will be presented are selected from authors and co-authors from Kosova and other European countries that have applied, while the first session is dedicated to linguistic and cultural studies.

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