MEST in cooperation with CARnet presented “Smart classroom”

July 15, 2015

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), in cooperation with the Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARnet), together with its technological partners Samsung, Cisco and Verso, have presented today the E-learning concept, and DEMO Smart classroom, which will be given a donation by CARnet and its partners for the Vocational Secondary School (Gjin Gazulli” in Prishtina. 

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami, on this occasion said that the Government of Kosova and MEST is determined to work with intensity toward the modern school, toward the digital school, because modernization of the education system will enable quality increase at the education system.  

‘We are aware that our students capacities enable to promote digital school”, said minister Bajrami and stressed that in the coming months we will see other presentations in order to know what is provided by the leading information technology companies at the education system. 

“Our idea is that for a not long period all schools of Kosova to become digital”, said minister Bajrami, and stressed that will do the digitalization of schools very carefully.

By emphasizing the skills that have students regarding the use of new technologies, the minister said that in this regard, greater reform should make through teachers’ training.

“The Government of Kosova now has financial opportunities. We will create budget
through our strategic partners (World Bank and International Monetary Fund), to go toward modernization path of schools and universities, in order to provide a qualitative education, reformed, that without doubt will create a general welfare, as strong state, a democratic society with European education system”, said minister Bajrami. 

Director of CARnet, Mr. Zvonimir Staniç, made the project presentation “Smart classroom”, which will begin be practiced from the beginning of new school year in the school “Gjin Gazulli”, which is selected as model school, where the digital school project will be promoted. 

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