Has began the XI Nationwide Seminar in Diaspora for Additional Learning in Albanian language

July 27, 2015

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami has opened today the works of the XI Nationwide Seminar in Diaspora for Albanian language in Albanian language, which this year is being held in Peja and will last until 30 July 2015.

At the solemn ceremony of the Seminar proceedings, minister Bajrami, has stressed the relevance of organizing this seminar, regarding the preservation of language, identity and education of generations in the national spirit.

“We should be proud for teachers’ role in the past. Our teachers have kept alive the idea of the national identity, freedom and national unity. Our teachers are the people that educate young generations, educate our children and create a clear image for reality, in which the Albanian nation is passing”.

Minister Bajrami spoke also for curriculum unification and continuous coordination between both states (Kosova and Albania), for providing integrated learning in the Diaspora.

While, the deputy minister of Education and Sports of Albania, Mrs. Nora Malaj, among other things said that this seminar is among the most important events that ministries and teachers of both countries make for learning the Albanian language and culture in Diaspora.

D/minister Malaj said that to respect teachers and to learn Albanian language in Diaspora in extremely important, while stressed that this Seminar will be evidence to our commitments.

A speech at the ceremony was also held by the Minister of Diaspora, Mr. Valon Murati, who said that efforts of this ministry are improvement of conditions for learning of Albanian language in Diaspora.

In this professional training Seminar, which this year is being held in Peja, are participating around 140 Albanian teachers that are working with children in Diaspora.    

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