July 7, 2015

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami in the regular meeting with directors of Municipal Education Directorates highly assessed completion of the school year 2014/2015 and management of the State Matura Exam within the June term.

On this occasion, minister Bajrami invited the municipal education directors to be in maximum engaged in successful preparation of new school year and implementation of the strategy for quality assurance in education.

“Strategy for quality assurance in education factorizes the MED, but also school principals, in the education system of performance construction or quality assessment in schools, where we will have a very good partnership with MEDs in construction of this system”, said minister Bajrami.

Minister Bajrami, also stressed the relevance of inclusion of the Municipal Education Directorates in the debate of the Law on Inspectorate, simultaneously he invited them to depoliticize contests upon the staff election.

Minister Bajrami, also spoke for legislation harmonization to define the position of teachers, pedagogues and school principals.

In this meeting, was discussed also for supply with textbooks and implementation of the New Curriculum of the pre-university education in pilot schools.

Last modified: September 1, 2022

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