Deputy Minister Sahiti attended the Conference “Education for the Future”

April 26, 2018

Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Heset Sahiti attended the two-day conference “Education for the Future, Strengthening the Cooperation between the Institutions of Higher Education of Kosova, Government and Private Sector”, organized by KUSA (Kosovo United States Alumni) and the American Embassy in Prishtina.

The main purpose of the Conference was to address the lack of co-operation between higher education institutions in Kosova and the economy, with a particular focus on mitigating the distinction between the knowledge, skills and competences that higher education institutions offer to students and labor market demands.

Deputy Minister Sahiti, who spoke about the importance of this conference, said that the Strategic Education Plan in Kosova dedicates special importance to increase of competition in higher education, by promoting excellence in teaching, research, innovation and internationalization of education and science.

“Through the development of knowledge and skills, and by promoting innovation, critical thinking, tolerance and open minds, higher education institutions prepare citizens for their role in society and economy”, said Deputy Minister Sahiti.

Deputy Minister Sahiti stressed that higher education should precede changes in the labor market and development of the country, so it is extremely important the Government cooperation with development partners and the private sector.

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