CSMC estimates successful the administration of the second part of the State Matura exam

June 22, 2015

Central State Matura Commission (CSMC) has estimated successful the administration of process of the State Matura exam (second part), which this year has subject of around 33 thousand secondary school students. 

At the conference held for media, CSMC it has estimated that it is about a process organized and well managed, and even better than in the first part. Chairman of this commission, Mr. Azem Guri, has stressed that whole process has went according to the dynamic plan. 

Mr. Guri thanked the parents, graduates, all managers, supervisors and monitors, who took care for the progress of this process, including municipal mayors, directors of Municipal Education Directorates, school principals, Kosova Police and BIRN organization for the progress monitoring of the State Matura Exam. He also thanked media, for continuous reporting of this very important process for education in Kosova. 

The Chairman of CSMC, said that are reported few small irregularities and few in numbers, which do not damage the process.  

“The commission has monitored continuously the entire process, including also here the communication in social networks, where some manipulators have tried to provide answers to test questions”, said Mr. Guri, stressed that toward violators of regulations legal measures will be applied, just like in the first part of the State Matura exam.

Results of the State Matura exam will be announced on June 30, 2015. 

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