The agreement between MEDs and EU project was signed for equipments of 57 schools with cabinets of the information technology

June 19, 2015

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami, took part in the signing ceremony of the agreement between representatives of the Municipal Education Directorates and Project “Information and Communication Technology and E-learning in education – phase II’, funded by EU and co-funded by MEST. 

Minister Bajrami on this occasion said that the signing of this cooperation agreement sets foundations of a sincere cooperation between the European Union and MEST, a cooperation which aims to raise quality in teaching and learning, through application of e-learning in the education system of Kosova.    

Minister Bajrami also said that provision of appropriate conditions through the schools of the Republic of Kosova remains a continuous dedication of the Government of Kosova.

“Government of the Republic of Kosova has made continuous efforts in the digitalization process of schools, process which in great measure is supported by donors. We are grateful for cooperation and support that we received by the European Union in this area and we remain with hope that this cooperation will be even more fruitful in the future”, said minister Bajrami.  

While, Libor Chald from the European Union Office in Kosova said that, to be in compliance to the labour market needs, students must be equipped with skills which are required by the employer. He stressed that skills in the ICT area are very important, but to be equipped with these skills, preliminarily, schools should be equipped with modern technologies. 

Through this project the European Union allocates 4.5 million Euros donation for application of ICT in schools of Kosova. 

With the signing of the Cooperation Agreement through the project “Information and Communication Technology and E-Learning”, which is funded by EU and co-funded by MEST, will be enabled supply of 57 schools with ICT infrastructure and beneficiaries will be ethnic groups living in Kosova, and institutions that provide education for children with special needs. 

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