CSMC announced the results of the Matura test – passing rate 53.9 percent

June 30, 2015

Central State Matura Commission (CSMC) it has released the results of the first term (deadline June) of State Matura Exam, according to which the general result of 
passing rate is 53.9 percent. From this result, 53.7 percent is the passing rate of learning in Albanian language, 70.6 of learning in Bosnian language and 53.9 of 
learning in Turkish language. 

Azem Guri, chairman of CSMC assessed successful the administration of the Matura Exam, while said that the students’ results in this test are satisfactory and realistic.  

“The test administration in the appropriate level, but also the conditions under which the test was held were also better, therefore rightly we can say that the results are 
realistic, while compared to the last year is marked an increase of 1.4 percent”, said Mr. Guri. 

Chairman of CSMC stressed that in the first term, 32.014 high school graduates were subjected to the test, while 17,255 of them passed.

General Direction has achieved the best results in this test, where the passing rate is 81, 5 percent, while lower percentage of the passing rate is marked in the vocational 

Mr. Guri also reminded that due to irregularities on the first day of the Matura exam, 74 students was cancelled the test. 

CSMC made it known that all high school graduates, who consider that was done any unfair to them when assessing, the appeal deadline is 3 days and this right is 
exercised in municipal education directorates.

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