Around 30 thousand students of IX grades were subjected to the Achievement Test

May 21, 2016

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology today in all municipalities of the Republic of Kosova has organized the Achievement Test for IX grades, test which will be determinant in selection of direction in secondary education.

Deputy Minister of Education, Mrs. Anila Statovci-Demaj has visited students in primary school “Faik Konica” in Prishtina, where the test is being held. On this occasion, Deputy Minister Statovci-Demaj said that MEST now has achieved a good organizational structure of tests, accepted by all participants in the process and has congratulated students for successes in the test, and continuation of education in secondary level. 

Deputy Minister Statovci-Demaj stressed that the Achievement Test is organized so that students be enabled further education, given that completion of IX grade marks the end of an education cycle.

“Here does not end their education path, they will continue on, and this will serve them as an important information, to see closely their affinities and to see their opportunities of further education”, was expressed Deputy Minister Statovci-Demaj.  

Deputy Minister Statovci – Demaj, has assessed the performance of keeping the test in this Testing Centre and commitment of students to successfully complete the questions, through which are tested their knowledge’s for this educational level.

“Something that has been expected and was confirmed is complete silence and extremely good organization by the staff of the Ministry of Education, in full support of teachers and of school principals. During the time I visited, I saw that the students were dedicated, calm and confident in their abilities”, said Deputy Minister Statovci – Demaj. 

Director of PSLSch “Faik Konica”, Mrs. Kumrije Sahiti announced that are done all preparations for the conduct of tests for primary school pupils of “Elena Gjika and “Xhemajl Mustafa”, who have undergone testing in this school and it is not noticed any irregularities, which would harm the process.

Questionnaire of the achievement test contains 100 questions from Albanian Language courses, English Language, Mathematics, Informatics, History, Geography, Physics, Biology and Chemistry and is organized in three languages: Albanian, Bosnian and Turkish languages.
The test was organized in 102 Testing Centres and was monitored from officials of the Ministry of Education. The results of this test are expected to be announced on May 30.

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