Was held roundtable “Education for employment – role of enterprises in skills development”

May 24, 2016

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami has participated in the roundtable “Education for employment – role of enterprises in skills development”, which is organized from MEST in cooperation with Kosova Chamber of Commerce.

In this roundtable participated representatives of businesses, chambers of commerce in the country, representatives of the German and French embassies, municipal directors of education, and international partners that support vocational education.

Minister Bajrami said that this conference is being held to show the organic linking of education system and employment. “Definitively, Kosova has an opportunity that must use, which deals with creation of a generation with skills and competences, which are required the business community”, stressed Minister Bajrami, while mentioned the fact that Ministry of Education now has as priority connection of vocational education to economy.

Speaking for orientation, how MEST sees connection between qualitative education and employment, Minister Bajrami said that investment in upbringing and education is investment in economy. “We are focused in vocational education, for a reorientation that we should make to pupils and students, so that they be oriented towards certain professions”, said the Minister, while stressed that for these professions will build occupational standards, thing which enables also review of curricula, so that vocational secondary schools be profiled in those profiles for which business is in need.   

Minister Bajrami thanked businesses that are becoming partners of the government in reformation and development of vocational education, by opening doors of their businesses for better preparation of youth for the labour market, and thus paving the path to dual learning. He invited everyone for partnership in the development of curricula for specific occupations, for which businesses are in need.

The Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr. Arban Abrashi stressed the importance of cooperation with MEST and the business community, so that development of vocational education and training to provide prepared staff with professional competences for employment. 

While, chairman of Kosova Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Safet Gergjaliu, and MP and businessman, Mr. Ramiz Kelmendi assessed commitment of MEST for empowerment of vocational education development and creation of good inter-institutional relations and business community to the best of quality education and employment.

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