November 17, 2022

The Commission for Education, Science, Technology, Innovation, Culture, Youth and Sport held a public hearing regarding the Draft Law on Early Childhood Education, in which the Deputy Minister of Education, Edona Maloku-Bërdyna, participated.

On this occasion, Deputy Minister Maloku-Bërdyna said that for the Ministry of Education this draft law is of special importance, not only because it regulates the basis of raising children in our country, but also because it addresses many challenges and offers innovations that will improve this sector.

She emphasized that the work on this Draft Law has been long and challenging, but we have tried to have a comprehensive approach in our work that encourages consultation with different professionals and experts.

The Deputy Minister added that in the process of drafting the draft law, we included all the relevant stakeholders in the field of education for children aged 0-6.

Deputy Minister Maloku-Bërdyna emphasized that the comments received during the preliminary and public consultation of the draft law were handled very carefully and were reflected in this document.

He also said that for MESTI, the fact that the draft law has aroused interest by receiving comments from educators, parents, representatives of organizations and gender equality experts, among others, has been very welcome. 

Among other things, he emphasized that with this draft law we mark an important step towards the general development of the educational, social and economic system and we are improving the basis of children’s development.

To stimulate the healthy growth and achievement of children’s potential, Draft law on Early Childhood Education regulates all forms of provision of education services for our little ones – from birth until they enter the first grade in primary school.

Otherwise, Draft Law on Early Childhood Education was adopted by the government in July 2022, while it was adopted in principle by the Parliamentary Committee on Education in September 2022.

Last modified: November 17, 2022

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