February 13, 2024

The first contracts were signed between the 24 students of the 10th grade of the Vocational High School “Fehmi Lladrovci” in Drenas and the representatives of 8 wood processing enterprises, in order to implement the dual education, which this year is applied in 12 profiles, in 14 municipalities of Kosova.

The senior political adviser in the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Muhedin Nushi and Valbona Fetiu Mjeku from the Department of Education and Vocational Training, participated in the contract signing ceremony between students and representatives of enterprises, in which students will attend the practical lesson.

Advisor Nushi, on behalf of Minister Nagavci, thanked the enterprises for their willingness to engage the students, while wishing that the students benefit as much as possible and manage to put into practice the lessons they receive in the classroom.

Nushi informed that, when signing the contracts, the students, in addition to developing their skills in a practical aspect, also benefit materially, always performing their work successfully.

Among other things, Advisor Nushi has said that the Ministry of Education is committed to developing mechanisms that promote the training of young people for the labor market.

Valbona Fetiu Mjeku from the Department of Education and Vocational Training, spoke about the commitment of the Ministry of Education and line ministries to advance the process of implementing dual education. She announced that, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, students’ contracts for the practical implementation of the lesson will be included in the Labor Law, which is being revised.

The director of the “Shehu” enterprise, Kreshnik Shehu, expressed his happiness that the students are starting practical work in the enterprise he manages, while he said that this is a good opportunity for both parties.

Meanwhile, Besart Krasniqi, who will start practical work in this company, has called on their peers to follow professional education. He said that this practice will help them to become skilled in their careers.

Otherwise, the Ministry of Education, with the support of the Government of Germany and other donors, has launched the campaign “Dual learning: Opportunities for employment and self-employment of young people”, which aims to contribute to changing the perception of Vocational Education and Training, and highlights the importance of VET in the country’s economic development and growth.

Last modified: February 29, 2024

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