Was inaugurated the new school in Rogane of Kamenica

March 21, 2016

Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mrs. Anila Statovci Demaj and the representative of EU office in Kosova, Mr. Christoff Stock, have participated today at the solemn ceremony of inauguration of the new secondary school facility in Rogane of Kamenica.

On this occasion, deputy minister Anila Statovci Demaj stressed that among main missions will continue to be education, because is a safe investment in the future of a country and the sole investment which will surely bring many values for this country.

Deputy Minister said that MEST is committed that in this mandate to increase quality in education, while stressed that creation of spaces to ensure the possibility of a qualitative education is a direct contributor in this regard. 

“Such projects will also have in the future, so long as we have this good cooperation with the European Union”, said Deputy Minister Statovci Demaj and said that this is a very important model of cooperation of the local and central level with our partners, such is in this case EU. 

EU representative in Kosova, Mr. Christoff Stock, stressed that European Union will continue to build school in our country in cooperation with Ministry of Education. “If we don’t invest in education, in students, than neither economic development is not possible”, he said. 

School, which was inaugurated today, is investment of EU worth 1 million and 200 thousand Euros and the inventory was provided by MEST. In this school will learn students of two types of secondary schools: 11 parallels of gymnasium “Ismail Qemaili” and 15 parallels of higher secondary vocational school “Andrea Durrsaku” of this municipality. The new school has 15 learning rooms, accompanying rooms and the hall for physical education.

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