Is signed the Cooperation Agreement between MEST and ELKOS Group for the practical work of students in enterprise

March 18, 2016

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami and Deputy President of the ELKOS Group Company, Mr. Fatos Islami, have signed today the Cooperation Agreement for provision of professional practice in enterprise for students of vocational schools in all country. 

Minister Bajrami, on this occasion said that this company is among most successful companies in Kosova and has a developed network. “This will be a good opportunity for all our vocational schools, but also for universities, so that pupils and students to gain practical skills, to take the spirit of entrepreneurship and of management, but also to be employed”.

Minister Bajrami was expressed certain that through this project will be employed a lot of pupils and students. “This is what lacked the educational system, a system that is fully interconnected with the market economy. We will invest in capacity increase, in preparation of staff and to employ youth”, said the Minister, while stressed that such agreement, for cooperation will be connected to other companies of Kosova, to ensure among other things also quality in education. 

Representatives of the ELKOS Company stressed that company will take students in practical work in all centres located in Kosova and they for the first time will have also material benefits from their work, while a number of them will be also employed in the company.

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology will continue to sign such agreements, from which is expected to be employed a considerable number of pupils and students, who show skills during their practical work in different enterprises. 

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