December 17, 2021

The Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, in collaboration with the EdGuard Institute, has opened a series of discussions with teachers and school principals on the need to review textbooks, to be followed by discussions in various municipalities of Kosovo with other important stakeholders, such as: textbook authors, reviewers, representatives of publishing houses, education experts and various organizations which have already evaluated existing textbooks.

The roundtable discussion was organized within the project “European Union Support to Basic and Secondary Education (KosEd”), which is funded by the European Union and aims to support the revision of textbooks, part of which will be key stakeholders in process of developing, evaluating and using textbooks.

Minister Arbërie Nagavci, on this occasion, stressed the importance of listening to the voice of teachers and school management, parents and all those who are directly involved in the learning process.

Nagavci said that being aware of the role of textbooks in teaching and in improving the quality of education, a number of activities have been undertaken, including the opening of this cycle of discussions.

Minister Nagavci also said that, although the text is only one of the tools of teachers, so it is not necessarily the only and main source, however for a considerable number of teachers, students and parents, the text is often the only source.

Speaking about the textbook review process, Nagavci said that we are very interested in having high quality textbooks and in the framework of this goal a series of activities have been undertaken, such as the decision to amend the Law on Textbooks and Teaching Aids, which will be sent to the Assembly next year.

While, Deputy Minister Edona Maloku Bërdyna reemphasized that, being aware of the existing challenges and problems related to textbooks, the commitment of the Ministry of Education in addressing these issues remains full.

Rinor Qehaja from the EdGuard Institute said that the Project supports the textbook review process in a structured way and that this roundtable is the starting point of a series of roundtables throughout the country.

Last modified: September 8, 2022

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