September 30, 2021

In the pre-university education institutions in Kosova, today has started the school year 2021-2022 and according to the reports received from the municipalities in MESTI, in most of the schools the teaching has been developed according to scenario A, ie with physical presence in schools.

In the morning shift, according to reports, most schools have started the first day of this school year according to scenario A, which means with physical presence in the classroom, but divided into groups of no more than 20 students. Whereas, there are only a small number of schools (2 schools in Drenas, 3 in Ferizaj, 4 in Gjilan, 1 in Vitia and all higher secondary schools in Gjakova), which have started teaching according to scenario B, ie with combined learning.

In the afternoon shift, it was reported that most schools have started the teaching process according to scenario A, while according to scenario B have started 1 school in Gjilan, 3 in Ferizaj, 2 in Drenas and higher secondary schools in Gjakova. With scenario C, teaching has started in the school “Gjin Gazulli” in Prishtina only for the 11th and 12th grades due to the renovations that are being done in the school.

In Kamenica, meanwhile, teaching has not started in 5 schools (“Asllan Thaqi” – Karachevo e Poshtme, “Hasan Prishtina” – Busavatë, “Xhelal Sopi” – Petroc, “Skënderbeu” – physical parallel in Hogosht, “Sadri Misini” parallel in Shipashnica), because the MED of this municipality has distributed the teaching staff to other schools.

Whereas, the Municipality of Rahovec has not reported regarding the first day of the beginning of the school year, respectively the development of the teaching process in this municipality.

Even this school year, through the revised Guide for organizing lessons in the COVID-19 pandemic conditions, the possibility of organizing lessons through scenarios A, B, C has been left, to which has been added the scenario of Return, which means learning with physical and full-time presence.

For the implementation of scenarios, depending on the epidemiological situation, the task force at the  institution level will take care in cooperation with the task force at the level of the Municipal Education Directorate.

MESTI appeals to the students, teachers and other school staff, as well as parents to cooperate and implement all measures recommended by health experts for protection against COVID-19, so that schools remain open throughout the school year.

Last modified: September 8, 2022

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