Minister Nagavci: The essential role of the Ministry is the awareness and sound education of children

October 8, 2021

The Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Arbërie Nagavci participated in the conference where the research report “Addressing Sexism, Harassment and Sexual Harassment in Kosovo” presented by the Center for Art and Community-Artpolis was presented.

On this occasion, Minister Arbërie Nagavci emphasized that the main subject of the Ministry of Education is children, pupils and students, therefore the essential role of this institution is the awareness and education of children and young people on the basis of sound, non-violent and abusive behavior of all shapes.

Minister Nagavci said that, Sex education and reproductive health has been among the innovations brought by the new curriculum, for all grades and levels of pre-university education. 

Among other things, Nagavci said that, since the research speaks about the presence of sexist, harassing and sexual harassment language, the sexual education of our children and young people is very necessary.

Minister Nagavci announced that sex education in schools is determined to be realized through curricular areas: Natural Sciences, Society and Environment, and Physical Education and through subject curricula in these areas, in harmony with the psycho-physical opportunities of students.

Tinka Kurti, chairwoman of the group of Women MPs said that, we should not do what men have done, ie in creating a world focused on themselves and for this the way is already open for denouncing violence and this thing has serious attention everywhere in the world.

Anuela Ristani, Deputy Mayor of Tirana for Foreign Relations said that it is easy to distinguish an abusive situation, but the problem lies in the fact that sexism starts from extreme situations to situations when we do not even distinguish them.

The conference will serve as a platform to present the preliminary findings and recommendations arising from the research report and will be followed by discussions in three separate panels on topics: institutional and social response to sexism, women in politics and sexism in politics, and sexism in culture and media.

Otherwise, the Ministry of Education has initiated and co-drafted (with the Council for Protection and Justice for Children) Regulation no. 20/2013 on the Protocol for the Prevention and Referral of Violence in Schools, which defines the responsibilities of institutions at central and local level to address this issue. In addition to these policies, didactic materials have been developed and continuously were conducted trainings and information sessions in municipalities and schools.

Last modified: September 8, 2022

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