February 27, 2023

The Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Arbërie Nagavci, in the conference held with journalists, spoke about the actions taken by MESTI in the implementation of education reform policies, which include the improvement of legal infrastructure, physical infrastructure, implementation of dual education, improvement of conditions for learning, study, academic work and scientific research.

Minister Nagavci spoke about the new facility of the Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Sciences, which will provide modern educational conditions, with the aim of improving quality and inclusiveness, as well as increasing research capacities.

In the framework of cooperation, Nagavci mentioned the agreement, which was signed with the Professional Association of Informatics of Kosova (PAIK), with the aim of advancing ICT skills in the education system, namely the implementation of dual learning for ICT profiles in Public IVETs.

Another important collaboration that Minister Nagavci talked about is the one with Heras Plus and Researchcult for the KRIS system or the Kosova Information System for Scientific Research, which will serve as a platform for collecting and storing data for scientific research, but also as a regulatory mechanism in providing more standardized information in research.

Speaking about the policies to support girls and women in the STEM fields, Nagavci warned that, in April, under the auspices of the Government of Kosovo, MESTI will organize the STEM Conference.

“This conference will enable the networking of girls/women in these fields, the promotion of STEM fields at all levels of education, as well as the creation of opportunities for practical work, mentoring and professional development,” she said.

Speaking about the legal infrastructure, Nagavci said that the Law on higher education has already been finalized and approved by the Government, as well as by the Parliamentary Committee on Education, while within the framework of the Berlin process, the Assembly has also approved two important Draft Laws in the field of education. Draft Law on the Ratification of the Agreement on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications of Doctors, Dentists and Architects, in the Context of the Central European Free Trade Agreement and Draft Law on the Ratification of the Agreement on the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications in the Western Balkans.

Among other things, Nagavci also spoke about the inauguration of two new school buildings, the conclusion of the PEDAKOS project, which focuses on early childhood education, the setting for public discussion of two drafts of two administrative instructions related to teachers, the instruction for the Parents’ Council and the call for the nomination of the State Quality Council members.

Last modified: February 27, 2023

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