November 24, 2022

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosova, Albin Kurti together with the Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Arbërie Nagavci and ministers and senior officials of state institutions have participated in the Youth Conference 2022, which has been organized for the first time by the Ministry of Culture with the motto “Towards a national policy”.

In order to promote dialogue with young people, this conference has brought together 200 young men and women with ministers, deputies and other actors of the youth sector to share the achievements, challenges and objectives of the Government towards the youth and to encourage them for active participation in all spheres of life.

In the “Government for the youth” panel, Minister Nagavci spoke about the development of the education sector and the policies that have been implemented and will be implemented for the benefit of young people.

On this occasion, the minister emphasized that in the contemporary economy, education is a fundamental prerequisite for economic growth and improvement of the standard of living, while she said that the will and courage of the girls and boys of Kosova and all their energy is of existential importance for our country.

The Minister said that the Ministry of Education is committed to providing assistance and mechanisms to raise the quality of the education system in Kosova and be comparable to those of European countries. She said that quality improvement and reform in higher education is at the center of the Government’s attention and one of the 5 objectives of the Strategic Education Plan for the period 2022-2026.

In higher education, the minister said that the focus is on improving the quality, integrity and competitiveness of higher education, while mentioning some of the actions that have been taken in this direction and many others that are in the process.

Also, Minister Nagavci spoke about the concrete actions that have been taken in education and professional training and its alignment with the labor market needs, as well as the beginning of the piloting of dual education in 4 profiles.

Among other things, Nagavci spoke about the need for multidimensional investment in improving results and quality in education, improving the legal and physical infrastructure and mentioned the increase in the budget for education, in order to implement these policies.

Last modified: November 24, 2022

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