Minister Bytyqi visited the Institute of History

December 19, 2017

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Shyqiri Bytyqi has visited the Institute of History, where he was hosted by Director Sabit Syla with associates. The purpose of this visit was to look closely and to get acquainted with the work and challenges that this institution faces.

Minister Bytyqi initially thanked the employees of this Institute for the work they are doing in the professional, research and scientific fields, and stressed that the Institute of History is among the institutions of special importance for the research and preservation of national historical values.

Minister Bytyqi also said that he is interested in having a good inter-institutional cooperation and that MEST will be able to support the scientific research activity of the Institute, and will also be engaged in finding a solution regarding the facility where the Institute should be established.

Director Syla thanked Minister Bytyqi for his visit and informed him about the Institute’s scientific activity over the years, and he also announced the projects and activities that he has in the program to develop in the coming year for marking anniversaries and national important events.
The Director of the Institute informed the Minister that over a period of 4 years were published about 30 scientific titles, while also stressing that the project for the drafting of Kosovo’s history has started, which will include the most important cultural-historical events from Illyrians to the present day and where 50 eminent scientific researchers are engaged in and out of the country, a project that will last about 3 years.

Afterwards, Minister Bytyqi accompanied by the staff of this Institute visited the library and other premises where the institution operates and said that he will be engaged to make a solution regarding the issue of the facility, at the same time said that MEST will support the major project “History of Kosova” as a project of special importance of national value.

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