Minister Bytyqi participated in the presentation of the YIHR report on Discriminatory Language in Textbooks

December 6, 2017

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Shyqiri Bytyqi participated in the presentation of the report of the Non-Governmental Organization YIHR – Youth Initiative for Human Rights “Discriminatory Language in School Texts – Analysis of School Textbooks of the higher secondary level in Kosova”.

Minister Bytyqi on this occasion said that MEST is ready to cooperate with all organizations and other interested parties who are engaged in the elimination of discriminatory language in textbooks in order to have texts according to the highest European standards.
Minister Bytyqi emphasized that we are aware that we have a large number of books that need change and which unfortunately contain words and discriminatory sentences. 

Minister Bytyqi also said that MEST has the commission which is constantly working and besides the work being done within the Ministry, there is also a close cooperation with all the organizations that are assisting MEST in this regard and the Ministry of Education of Albania, while expressing his confidence that new textbooks will be drafted up to the next school year, according to the new Curriculum.

“We must not tolerate further segregation of certain categories in our textbooks and we must not allow our youngsters to receive an education that may be offensive or discriminatory for a particular part. Our young people need to feel equal in their education process”, said Minister Bytyqi.

The parameters of this analysis are based on gender and sexuality, the nation, ethnicity, race, human rights and citizenship, body and ability, diversity and social equality. After the presentation of this study, Minister Bytyqi responded to youth and media questions regarding education policies towards solving this problem.

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