Minister Bajrami took part at the inauguration of primary school in Halabak of Podujeva

January 14, 2016

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami and deputy mayor of Podujeva municipality, Mr. Nexhmi Rudari have inaugurated the primary school facility in Halabak village of Podujeva municipality.

On this occasion, minister Bajrami was expressed that feels happy that within a short time period was built the new school, which is burnt time ago. 

“It’s a celebration day for Halabak village and Ministry of Education, because today we are inaugurating a new and modern school that provides conditions to children for qualitative learning, who are hope of Kosova”, said minister Bajrami. 

The Minister said that there is nothing more sacred than to work and act, so that these children have better education environment and be saved from any danger, which they have had every day on their way to the nearest school. “This shows commitment of the Ministry and the Government, to work for the community and students”, he said. 

“Today we are opening the door of this school, which will provide advanced learning for these children. We will come here again to see how is work is going in this school, how lessons are being kept, how children, parents are satisfied, because it’s not only construction of schools, but also qualitative learning”, said minister Bajrami. 

Minister Bajrami stressed that we shall donate also electronic equipment and other entertainment school materials to this school, so that our school not to be only school where learning is kept, but school where the children’s personality is educated and built. 

Finally, Minister Bajrami has wished that students of this school to have success and one day become worthy citizens and to have influence to the country’s development and  perspective.
Otherwise, investments for school construction are made by MEST, while the facility has 5 learning rooms for primary students, 1 learning room for pre-primary children. 

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