Minister Bajrami took part at the Conference “Reforms on Higher Education”

November 23, 2016

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami took part in the conference “Reform on Higher Education”, in which was launched in the research paper “Incentive for accountability and better performance in higher education “, prepared by the Institute” Democracy for Development “(D4D).

This research paper, among other things suggests settings available in three levels: improvements in the primary legislation (Law on Higher Education), improvements in secondary legislation (statutes of universities, regulations of the Ministry), or improvements at the policy level (funding mechanisms).

Minister Bajrami, on this occasion congratulated the authors of this paper research on the right subject and access to its elaboration, and stressed that the situation in higher education is still not at the desired level and a qualitative education system is a prerequisite for development and European perspective of the country.

Minister Bajrami said that the basic principles upon which higher education is built are the principles listed in European documents such as the Magna Carta Universitatum and the Declaration of Bologna, which have built the foundation of higher education on the principle of autonomy. But, he said, is entirely legitimate the demand of the youth and the public opinion that this to be followed also with accountability. 

In addition, Minister Bajrami said that the country’s public universities have terms of 5 years in order to be profiled, specialize in special programs (profiles). 

While, in terms of quality standards, performance measurement, Minister Bajrami said he would focus on the evaluation of university management, the program performance, including lectures and student performance.

Minister Bajrami, also said that at the Government level, will create an Inspectorate, which will build the performance evaluation standards, while performance will also affect the division (benefit) of the budget for universities.

At the end, Minister Bajrami said that during the amendment of the Law on Higher Education, the component of performance and accountability to become legal category, for the fact that MEST is interested for substantial reform of higher education.

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