Minister Bajrami took part at the conference of project launch “European Pact for Youth in Kosova”

March 4, 2016

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami has taken part at the conference for the project launch “European Pact for Youth in Kosova”, which was promoted today under the patronage of the Chairman of Kosova Assembly, Mr. Kadri Veseli and is project of the European Union, which aims to strengthen business-education partnerships for employability and inclusion of youth.

Minister Bajrami has assessed as very important this event that gives youth the opportunity to join the European Pact for Youth, which is opportunity of showing skills of our youth, in order to be young and equal Europeans.

“No doubt that youth of Kosova is a youth that deserves to have respect, future and deserves that we approach with more seriousness also to the education of youth, also the democratic transition that we must do through the promotion of a new mentality”, said Minister Bajrami.

Minister Bajrami stressed that key role of education is to create a competent youth and through education system we must create an entrepreneurship spirit, of management and courage to make business.

“That what MEST is doing within efforts to increase education quality is that education be linked to economy. In 21st Century, education is investment in the economic development”, said Minister Bajrami and stressed that we have launched many projects with European Union, which in this regard are very important.   

Speaking for the project European Pact for Youth, the Minister said that will be an important partner of MEST and Ministry will support the project, in order to work with each school and university open to youth, to make connection between school, businesses and companies and to enable that our students to take also necessary professional education, but also skills and competences during education.  

“We are working that in our schools to have those curricula that are needed”, said the Minister, who also stressed that our students must be well prepared, not only for Kosovar market but also for European market.

Parliament Speaker Veseli, Minister Bajrami, EU representatives and of business community in Kosova, made formal signing of the Pact for Youth, simultaneously were agreed that this Pact be distributed through their supply chains and partners.  

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