Minister Bajrami held the debate for the Law on Higher Education and Law on the Regulated Occupations in Law Faculty and Economic Faculty

June 9, 2015

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami has taken part in the next public debate for the Law on higher Education and that for the Regulated Occupations, which was held in the Law Faculty and Economic Faculty of the University “Hasan Prishtina” in Prishtina. 

Also in this debate, minister Bajrami has stressed the participation relevance of all stakeholders, in order to have a law which will adjust the level of higher education, for a long time period.

Minister Bajrami, among others said that main aim of these laws is creation of mechanisms for quality increase. 

“Law on Higher Education has four main purposes, to set standards of public higher education, to create the base for public-private partnership and create conditions for operation of international institutions of higher education in Kosova”, said minister Bajrami. 

The minister stressed that in the new Law are foreseen high standards and in many dimensions regarding the issue that who can be called university, academic calls, effective academic and financial governance, composition and Senate’s role, election and Rector’s competences and of the Steering Council, etc. Speaking on the resources and manner of higher education institutions funding, minister Bajrami said that, Government of Kosova, will allocate budget for university based on performance. 

Minister Bajrami as well said that Law on the Regulated Occupations is a law that lacked Kosova. This law foresees establishment of the State Agency for Standards and testing, stressed minister Bajrami.         

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