MEST launched the campaign “All together for better education in Kosova”

November 1, 2017

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Shyqiri Bytyqi has launched the campaign “All Together for Better Education in Kosovo”, supported by permanent partners in the field of education, under the slogan “Education in Your Hand”, which, among other things, is aimed at raising awareness at a higher level for a different approach to education, so that education is an everyday, individual, family, social and institutional priority.

Minister Bytyqi on this occasion thanked GIZ as the leader of this campaign and other international institutions contributing to this campaign for the demonstrated readiness to be part of the efforts to achieve the common integration objectives in the field of education.

Minister Bytyqi stressed that Kosovo has a youth that deserves a better education, prepared with skills and competences, worthy of the labor market in all European countries and beyond.

“We must do an education and quality education anyway. But to do this, really needs mobilization of all relevant actors, not just education institutions. This mobilization, this will for good should also originate from parents, teachers, students, business community and civil society”, said Minister.

Minister Bytyqi also said that the Ministry of Education during these years has been challenged with the reform process and the development of strategic documents for the development of education at all levels.

Among other things, Minister Bytyqi also mentioned the results of the PISA Test, which introduced the need for engagement of MEST and its international partners in further training of teachers in achieving integration objectives.

“However, we still have to continue with the necessary training, but we will ask more from the teachers to make them more prepared in the classroom, not to forget at any moment the need for lifelong learning and accountability”, said Minister Bytyqi.

At the end, Minister emphasized that without qualitative education there can be no proper economic development and without changing approach to education, without the commitment of all, there can be no quality increase.

Ambassador of Germany in Kosova, Ambassador Christian Heldt said that support for quality improvement has been the focus of Germany, meanwhile emphasized that his state will continue to support the development of quality education in Kosova. He also invited all relevant partners to take responsibility for action to achieve the desired outcomes.

Meanwhile, Boris Scharlowski, leader of the GIZ / CDBE team presented details on the idea and content of the campaign “All for Better Education in Kosova”.

The Campaign Launch Ceremony was held in “Zahir Pajaziti” Square in Prishtina, which was attended by representatives of the institutions of the Republic of Kosova, ambassadors of other countries, representatives of international organizations, teachers, parents and students. The campaign is expected to last more than a year, within which various activities will be held in Kosovo schools.

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