MEST held meeting with MEDs and school principals on administration of State Matura exam

June 2, 2016

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami took part in the joint informative meeting on administration issues of the State Matura exam 2016 in June deadline, which was attended by directors of Municipal Education Directorates and secondary higher school principals.

At this meeting was discussed on preparations made for the welfare of the State Matura exam, for the challenges and expectations of this important process of assessing students at national level in pre-university education. Minister Bajrami, on this occasion has invited all stakeholders involved in this process to be on the level of professional responsibility and commit fully to successful implementation of the Matura Test 2016.

 “The State Matura is an assessment of maturity in the education system, which shows the real situation in education. We are determined that this assessment be done with standards, credibility and to enable a real picture of normal transition of students from pre-university education to higher education.
We have in force the new Law on the State Matura, which was drafted with the contribution of all of you and has facilitated the State Matura. This law has made it possible that Matura test to be a necessary threshold for students to apply in higher studies, but all to be equipped with diploma regardless the test result”, said Minister Bajrami.

Minister Bajrami also spoke about the organization of a national-level activity which will be held after the first deadline of the Matura Test, which will help students for career guidance and will inform which profiles provide immediate employment. 

Meanwhile, the Chairman of CCSM, z. Azem Guri talked about the changes that were made this year in terms of organization of the State Matura exam 2016. “The administration will be the same like the last year, in class will be up to 18 pupils, in each of the 5th class will have 1 administrator, and in each school building will have up to 2 Testing Centres, which means that each centre will have 150-180 graduates. This year as monitors in each municipality will be present the MEST officials”. 

The State Matura exam 2016 will be subject to about 30 thousand graduates, in 252 testing centres and over 180 classes, while for administration are engaged around 3 thousand officials.

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