MEST and KCC signed the Memorandum of Understanding for vocational education and training

March 16, 2016

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami and chairman of the Kosova Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Safet Gerxhaliu have signed today the Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation between public and private sector and for vocational education and training in Kosova.

Minister Bajrami stressed that with this Memorandum are set long-term cooperation bases in the sphere of secondary vocational education, but also for higher education for the fact that MEST this year has promoted the main project “qualitative education for employment”.

“We are determined to make the education system reform starting from curricula, in order that education system be adjusted to the labour market needs and prepare students, who will have employment opportunities because we appreciate that one of the best indicators that tells us whether we have successful education system or not, it’s their employment rate”, said Minister Bajrami and stressed that KCC is a powerful economic partner, which will help MEST in linking education with professional practice.

Minister Bajrami said that KCC will provide assistance also in reformation of curricula and in building the standards of few occupations, for which analysis of European Union show now that there’s opportunity in the labour market.

“We will demand that our universities work on adapting their programs to labour market, because the time has come to guide our youth to applicable directions, technical for which there are workplaces”, said Minister Bajrami. 

While, chairman of KCC, Mr. Safet Gerxhaliu said that cannot be thought for a state to have economic development and economic stability without a good education system. He stressed that this model that is implemented by developed countries in the past and jointly be implemented even in our country, but said that at the same time will work also with other departments to create facilities for businesses and those to be oriented toward professional education. 

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