Gymnasium “Sami Frashëri I” in Prishtina from today will hold the name “Ahmet Gashi”

September 15, 2016

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Arsim Bajrami took part at the ceremony of changing the name of gymnasium “Same Frasheri II” (social science), which today will hold the name of the intellectual and patriot Ahmet Gashi, graduated as professor of History and Geography at the university of Istanbul (1910), teacher from 1910 – 12.

Minister Bajrami on this occasion said that this is a historical day for this gymnasium, on the fact that today is being returned an icon of the gymnasium, icon of one hundred-years period of our people’s efforts for freedom and independence.

“There is nothing better for a school than to hold with pride and honour the name of Professor Ahmet Gashi, a national multi-dimensional figure, a geography and history teacher, distinguished patriot, as it was of Kosova, was also of Albania”, said Minister Bajrami.  

Ongoing, Minister Bajrami said that this is the century of Albanians and we must make efforts that field of education to become fields of national unity and integration, so to provide our students a qualitative education, a national education, that they be educated in the spirit of patriotism.

“There is nothing more sacred than to educate children, so that they one day to become bearers of processes and I also wish that students of this school to teach and to lead in quality and be the first in Kosova”, said at the end Minister Bajrami. 

In this ceremony was also present the the mayor of Prishtina, Mr. Shpend Ahmeti and family members of the patriot Ahmet Gashi.
Professor Ahmet Gashi (1888-1977), among others distinguished as one of the first drafters of the geographical map of natural Albania, teachers in some schools throughout Albania, chairman of armed graduates of Prishtina (1912), participant in the war of Vlora (1920), president of the National Congress of Teachers in Tirana (1924), author of the schoolbook “Geography of Albania” for secondary schools (1933), director of the gymnasium “Sami Frasheri” in Prishtina, author of several historical and geographical maps and textbooks (1935), author of the book “Albanian National Movement of 1908 (published in 1972, etc. 

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